Abandon ship


It’s time to move on which both sadly and happily means leaving my flat, Biskopshavn Castle. I first moved in here back in 2010 with my previous boyfriend. I remember it like yesterday; I had just seen my favourite band Kaizers Orchestra the day before and lived in an apartment with no hot water or power. According to a friend I looked rather exhausted that day. She helped me drive all my shit, which was a lot, between Danmarksplass and here. We had to make sure to get everything in to the flat and get back within half an hour, due to the toll prices. Everyone helped that day and it was snow outside so we kept slipping in the turns. At the end of the day, the whole living-room was filled with boxes.

Just over a year later, this place was titled Biskopshavn Castle. As I was moving abroad two friends lived here along with that boyfriend for a year. The four of us were the princes and princesses of Biskopshavn Castle. When I came home for the holidays, we all gathered in this very tiny sofa and had dinner. It was mildly crowded and extremely cosy.


August 2012 I got the news that this place was highly mold-damaged and it had to be torn down. At first I lived here alone and spent a month using my landlords bathroom in the other end of the building. Then I moved out again, just after coming home from a year in England and going through a horrible break-up. A job that was supposed to take a month or two ended up taking nine, while I lived in a shared flat with six other people. That must have been the most horrible times in my life, truly. (As you might understand, I really don’t have that much grief, luckily.=

I brought my one friend from the shared flat with me and moved back in here last April. With two bedrooms and just enough space, we did Okay with this place. Morten and I had some good times, mostly relaxing and watching either Skins or Harry Potter. He moved out  Wednesday last week.


The reason I am moving out, again, is that my current boyfriend and I are moving in together. I have been in the Castle for some time now, and feel it is time for a change. Rather than him moving in here, we found a great spot just around the corner where we can start our life together. Also, staying in a basement for too long does make you a bit depressed. Not ever having a cellular-connection also do, and people are actually not able to reach me down here.

So here I am, working my way through all my stuff, packing it into boxes. I am a – not so – secret hoarder, but imagining our beautiful home makes it easy to get rid of all the old stuff. I am abandoning ship for a new chapter in my life – and it’s going to be a good one.