Crossed the finish line



Being happy for 100 days was fun, but now I’m going to get all old and grumpy again. At least that’s what people seem to think was the idea behind this project. The truth is, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete this challenge. I mean; One hundred days is a long time to capture everything that makes you happy.

My first “not-so-happy-day” was no. 11. I had a really hard time finding something good in it, but the challenge made me look for something nice, and that’s when I understood the point of it all. You don’t have to be all smily all the time and pretend life is perfect! All you need to work on are seeing a hint of something nice, fun or engaging. If a day sucks so bad that there isn’t ONE thing you would smile about – there’s something wrong going on.

Now, for my own sake I will recap some of the moments I liked the most in this challenge:
100: Crossing the finish line of #100happydays on a trip with the girls. / 14: Going on holiday to my boyfriend’s house (he lives 10 minutes from my place if you drive a car). / 78: May 17th, our national-day which involved a lot of laughter. / 19: Having my cake and eating it too! Spending so much time with an old friend. / 9: When waking up next to someone only happened once in a while, and now we’re moving in together. / 65: Making new friends over the Internet. / 64: Finally took my lady out on that Guitar Hero-date i promised her over a year ago. / 61: Attending a football-match at the place I used to work. / 55: After a lot of hard work, our second store in Bergen opened. / 42: Reuinion from school. / 41: Dancing and singing in the living room. / 26: When I was secretly becoming Store Manager, and no one knew for a month. Had to “smuggle” my new work-mac home without the team noticing. / 6: Colleagues dancing at work, too funny. / 1: The day I decided to start this challenge.

What is making you happy this summer day?

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