In the rare occation of sunshine and a lot of spare time, it was time for a classic Sunday-roadtrip. I asked the boyfriend to bring me somewhere I had never been before which led us to Fjell Fortress.

The first thing that met us was this incredible pond which seemed to come from nowhere. It was surrounding all the trees, and we found no end to it.

With a sign leading to Fjell Fortress, we decided to walk. After all, how far could it be?

We kept walking for some time and was met by both an incredible view as well as some quite cool army-vehicles.

I had of course decided to dress for the occation; wearing the typical Norwegian Marius-jumper and a skirt.

As we came further up the mountain there were more army-stuff. On one top this guy was just standing there, armed – something I found to be weird as there were nothing but nature surrounding us.

When we found bunkers, we played for a bit.

After a walk that was a lot longer than planned, we reached the top and I loved the view. I think I love all views to be honest.

We decided to head home. That’s when the rain startet pouring down. So there I was, in the middle of nowhere dressed in a skirt and jumper only.

Back in the car and completely soaked. It wouldn’t have been a perfect Sunday without that rain.