Throwback-selfie to illustrate how happy I am right now.

I keep on coming and going. One week I can write several posts, the next one – none. That’s not the way to be a blogger, and I know that. The thing is – yeah, would you like to hear my excuse this time? – I barely have any Internet connection at all. In my flat, there is absolutely NO cell-coverage, and basically no Internet. Therefore, continuous blogging becomes an issue for me.

This rainy Friday I have some time off from work, so I arranged to stay at my boyfriend’s flat while he is working. 
I just have to say; ERMAHGERD, I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY MADE INTERNET THIS FAST. So here I am, catching up on some reading, writing and complaining – trying to get myself a new Internet-provider ASAP.

What are you guys up to?