This post had to come. My favourite band in the entire world, Kaizers Orchestra, did their last show (at least, in a very log time) this Saturday. To be honest, I can’t even write about this without welling up. After an incredible goodbye-tour, where I saw them just over two weeks ago here in Bergen, they finished it all in their “home” town Stavanger. In the end they did nine concerts at DNB-arena with the funeral this weekend. Even The Jackal, Janove, could barely keep his eyes dry that night.
I know I don’t have to write about their great achievements during the last twelve years, the Internet is full of that stuff. And the impact they have had on my life, it kind of has to go without saying as well, because I just can’t describe it. Altogether I have seen them live eleven or twelve times, I’ve lost count. I hugged all of them once, they signed my “russebukse” and I have got several albums and CDs signed.
Even though I’m not the person who’s entire apartment looks like a scene from the Kaizer-universe or has traveled around the world as a groupie, I am very much in love with this band. Their music will always be with me! Every single day.
Until next time, Kaizers.