I think this happens every summer; too many things are happening at the same time and suddenly it has been almost two weeks since my last blog-post. Even though I am not having a “summer vacation”, I can tell when everyone else is. Friends who spent the last months studying for exams are open to spending time with each other again. They start to plan little trips, arrange huge parties and invite everyone over for dinner.
In addition to this, there is also a lot more to do at work, which means longer hours and spending some more time there. When I get off, the last thing on my mind is sitting by the computer when there is sunshine (and Norwegian nature) just outside my door.
I can not say that I have a very exciting summer ahead, because I do plan to spend as much time as possible at my job, but I like to make the best of the time there is. The summer will bring many concerts, barbeques, hiking in the mountains and having a lot of great people around me. To me, that is a perfect summer of twothousandandthirteen.
What are your plans?

(PS: Under Construction just had its one year anniversary.)