Yesterday I gathered enough “grown-up points” for an entire month, when I attended the first wedding of my adult life. (Although I guess I lost them again when I wished the bride and groom a merry christmas in the guestbook)… I have hundreds of images, but no more storage on my Mac so we will not be able to have a look at them yet.
The wedding was beautiful! Everything from the ceremony to the reception was so well planned and all the tiny details fit each other. There were flowers everywhere, old mason jars, framed images from the bride and groom’s childhoods and of course a polaroid-camera to capture the evening. For entertainment there was a very talented toastmaster, great singers and old home videos. As the bride is an active blogger and instagrammer, we were encouraged to hashtag out photos with #kristinsimon. In fact, we were set on missions to capture a list of things and instagram them. The night ended with stars and sparkles and high hopes for the future.
There will be a photobomb from the weekend soon, trust me!