Say “hi” to my friend Kristin. She is getting married in just over a week to the nicest guy; Simon. As her friends, we had to show her some fun before all the seriousness of marriage starts. Her made of honor put together the best day, and it was such a blast.
Kristin had to dress like a princess and walk around selling balloon-animals. The money she earned was spent on groceries, which she had to steal from the other customers at the store. After some time doing this we had a great lunch before traveling a bit out of Haugesund for gladiator-matches. Eleven girls, three sports, one winner.
In the brilliant and surprising weather, this was awesome and extremely funny. It felt great to be outdoors, so we continued to a hot tub where we finally could relax. The only problem was that the temperature in the air was so hot, we could not manage to stay in the tub for too long at a time. Ironic, we know.
Well fried in the sun, everyone went to put their dresses on, and we gathered to eat. We were so far out at Karmøy I didn’t even know that place existed. Altogether we had an amazing day and Kristin was celebrated in a way only Karmøy-ers can!