What Dublin had to offer on my tiny holiday: late night walks in Temple Bar, wearing just too little clothes to stay warm. We did stay safe though, so dad, there is no need to panic right now.
Like Carrie said: “People in their twenties always knows the right B-people; bartenders, bouncers, busboys…” And so we befriended the bartender, which actually paid off.
We spent oh so many hours in town, shopping, museuming, photographing and even eating a little bit. But mostly shopping.
Just before take-off we managed to fit in some time for afternoon tea. This might not have been the best idea, traveling with that much sugar in ones body does not feel good. No worries, I managed, all the way back to Bergen.

Visiting a brand new city is always awesome, and Dublin reminded me of an uptight and a little bit ugly Bristol.
I liked it.