Right now I am blogging live from the capitol of Ireland! Can you believe it? Oh, Internet, you amuse me.
When I moved back to Biskopshavn Castle, I barely unpacked before I startet “using the place”. I removed some stuff from the floors, brought my office into the living-room and left the living-room sin storage. And then I gave up. Being completely alone for the first time in many years didn’t look good on me, but no one was around to see that, so who cared? (And it felt kind of good to not give a fuck about that interior-stuff for some time.)
Still, I had to get things up on the walls and stuff into the shelves at some point. Now it is less than two weeks until the new roomie moves in (AKA The Hound), and by then I have to rearrange the office to become my bedroom. There is a lot to do, and I think I’ll start with a round of shopping here in Dublin.