My fascination for Coca-Cola started at a very early age. I remember when I was young; you could collect Coke-points and if you had enough, you could buy Coca-Cola branded things. I saved all my money and collected points where I could, and bought myself an inflatable couch. It was incredible and, of course, got a giant whole after only a short amount of time. Still, I used to fill it with air and just watch the awesome sofa I had…
Since then I have, and still do, owned anything with a Coca-Cola logo: Calendar, iPhone cover, piggy banks, different bottles, lamp, radio and so on. Then one day at work, we got these new trays… I wanted to take one home with me, but I am not really the type who steals from my job. I still get to enjoy them every day, right? A couple of days ago another item was added to the Coca-Cola list, some supercool chairs! The first thing I said was; “PHOTO SHOOT!” – but this we didn’t have time for.
Today, I was picked up from work before my hours were done. My boss and colleague “forced” me to go home because they could drive me. When I am nearly inside my house, they follow me, carrying one piece of chair, one piece of tray and of course one can of Coca-Cola!
I will never again stand up from this chair. Except from when I’m going to work. This is so incredible, I don’t even know what to do right now. I guess I’ll just sit here and enjoy this? Thanks for the stuff, boss! 😀