Photo: Terry Richardson for V Magazine
I have work, then a dinner thing and then I am busy 
trying to become who I am.
If you haven’t heard of Lena Dunham before, I suggest you start paying attention in class very soon. Dunham is, in my opinion, one of the greatest females of our time. She has written and created the HBO-series “Girls”, in which she is playing the leading role as Hannah Horvath. Girls is one of the most honest and real shows I have seen, and yesterday the premiere of season two went on air, at the same time as Golden Globe did. Of course Lena won two prices; one for best actress in comedy and one for best comedy within TV-shows.
If you are looking for something so funny, but still so pure and natural that it almost hurts, Girls is the show for you. I have to say it is my favorite show, beating all the “classics” like Sex and the City and  Gossip Girl as well as my beloved british Skins – which I think is great because it is kind of uncensored as well.
You will have to look far to find as many great quotes in one episode as in this show. Oh, common, just watch it!