What are the great things in life you ask? I seem to have it all figured out, at least for the moment. To me it is great friends, having a job you love and living through good experiences. I am so happy when I get to travel, when I am outside and in the nature and when I get to go to great concerts. I find it amazing when certain people create extremely good stuff; I never get enough of great design and ideas, and just a note or two from a wonderful song can set the mood for an entire day.

As the rock and roll, punk and metalhead I am, I have fallen completely in love with this album right now. My first experience with Ellie Goulding was at Hovefestivalen 2010. My sister and I had just finished putting our tent up in the heating sun and walked straight over to a random concert. None of us knew who she was, but reconised one of her songs. I can’t even remember which one, only that I completely fell in love with her music. If you haven’t already I hope you will too!