Two people moving apart creates a lot of mess, but also this new kind of freedom. Suddenly you have twice the shelf-space which you are free to fill up with some great new books.
Without a television one can put all the images and maps for people to see, instead of just having them hidden in a closet. Who uses a TV anyway? The one thing I am going to miss is playing Guitar Hero…
The table is filled with random things that has nothing to do either at that table, or in the living room itself.
Of course there is more than enough cleaning involved, which I think feels awesome. If I don’t have any plans after work, this is all I do. Sounds a bit sad, but I really enjoy a clean flat.. xD
The place is always filled with cardboard boxes, and you never know if you have just about enough, too many or not enough boxes at all. It is a try and fail situation.
And one of the hardest things are always the separating of things. “Which one is yours, which one is mine?” and “I want this, but you can have that…”
In the end; moving is always a stressful time, but hopefully (and usually) things get better when you are done. I have eight more days of being Queen of Biskopshavn Castle, and then someone new will come in and occupy some space. It is going to be great!